A statement chalkboard wall.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I thought I would share the first project we built when we moved into our house. When I say WE I really mean my husband because he totally surprised me one day after I had mentioned a chalkboard wall to him. Turns out he listens when I talk, I know… I'm amazed too! 
A gigantic chalkboard, how trendy of me… I know. But I really love chalkboards for reasons beyond that they are in ultra trend at the moment.

1. They are changeable with EVERY season.
2. They are so easy to make festive.
3. I love the look of an erased seasoned chalkboard, I know… I'm weird.
4. It provides HOURS of entertainment for little monkeys that fill my house on a regular basis.
5. They are easy to make.
6. They make a huge statement, and are totally cost effective. 

I dressed it up with an evergreen garland from a local tree farm. I'm kind of obsessed with the way it drapes. So pretty. &it has made my house smell AMAZING too. I want a live tree next year.

Next week is my little girl's birthday. She requested a snowflake party. So the chalkboard is all ready for the big event. 

On another note,

I made the most DELICIOUS dark chocolate peppermint cookies, and there is clearly a cookie monster roaming around because there were multiple half eaten cookies when I walked by this afternoon. I think it's pretty hilarious really. Why are naughty things so cute?