The story of a toy box.

Monday, June 30, 2014
I recently redid a toy box that has been around since my birth or before I'm pretty sure. It was my toy box when I was a kid, and I have many fond memories of my brothers putting me inside and sitting on the top so I couldn't get out. 
The life of the only girl and 3 brothers. 
Enchanting I know. 
It's gone through many face lifts throughout the years, at one point, during the height of the decoupaging rage of the 90's my Mom and I painted it white, and decoupaged some rose tissue paper on it. Anddd it looked a little like this
 What a quality job I know, this might also be from my mom's "shabby chic" + chartreuse phase she went through for a while, but promptly gave up because... well I'm glad she's over that. 
Inspired by all the fabulous ideas on Pinterest a couple months ago I gave it a makeover. 
Now it fits perfectly with my taste + in  my house. 

& it's purpose is to stash my kids toys in our family rooming. 
That is the circle of life come to fruition. 
I love it. 


Kristina @ My Own Home Blog said...

Oh my, how could you take off that gorgeous rose paper?! Haha! It looks cute, simple and it blends into the decor perfectly!