The truth about having a pretty house.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I haven't shared anything personal on the blog for a LONG time. I like to just show you pretty pictures and that's all. But something has been on my mind for a while and I thought I would share, and maybe make yourself feel a little better about those people who have pretty houses. 
I get told a lot, "Your house is so pretty. You must have it all together."

I chuckle but inside I am DYING to tell them what it's REALLY like to have a nonstop creative brain.
It's like a never ending "must-change-that" thought process when I walk through my house. 
A little unsettling.
It's like the DIY'er curse.  

So I thought I would break the "must have it all together" persona and give you a glimpse of what a madhouse I really have for a life.

Really what it's like to be a DIY'er, designer, and "have a pretty house."
A lot of half finished rooms that you can't.stop.thinking.about. 
A lot of half finished projects (I'm getting better at this.)
A lot of indecision about fabrics and curtains because you are always making decisions for other people... by the time you get to your house your brain is tired and you have WAY too many options on the table.
A lot of fruitless shopping outings.
A lot of hearing what other people's houses look like.
A lot of messy rooms... because ain't nobody got time to clean when you're knee deep in a very intense DIY project.
A lot of cans of paint in your kitchen (unless you are good at putting things back... which again... ain't nobody got time for that.)
A lot of math (which leads to a lot of headaches... haha)
A lot of thinking, planning, failing, rethinking, retrying.

A lot of sweaty garage days.
A lot of ruined manicures and tshirts.
A lot of looking like a train wreck.
A lot of feeling like a train wreck.
A lot of people thinking you're a train wreck (why can't you answer just a simple question about my curtains straight... no really, why can't you?!)

A lot of success, but a fair amount of failure.
So really, I am a hot mess.. but at least I have a pretty house. 


Ashley Mayes said...

I'm laughing because I'm exactly the same way! Most of the time, I'm a hot mess but so is my house. Love this post and you are gorgeous!

Leila Kennedy said...

I currently have a half finished house! LOL I started a big project and it just hasn't been finished and it has taken over my house in a not good way! Eek!

Cathy Mini said...

I know what you mean. That is why I almost never share photos of our apartment in the blog--it's never ready to be photographed!

Kristen Forgione said...

This is SO TRUE! As an Interior, Wedding and Event Stylist along with writer, I am CONSTANTLY changing direction, starting new projects where there are still some (many) left to be completed and throwing out the "plan" from two days ago to firmly recommit to the plan of today (or the hour). I HEAR YA girl! But, even with all of the uncertainty; I wouldn't have it any other way!

Kate Eschbach said...

Oh, I so hear you!

Sallyjenseninteriors said...

Love this, its so true.