A great man.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gracie girl is lucky enough to have Spenc has her dad.
This man is patient.
This man is thoughtful.
This man goes out of his way to cheer people up.
This man is loving.
This man would do anything for his girls.
This man is the hardest worker I know.

This man is attentive.
This man is giving.
This man is gentle.
This man is protective.

This man is strong.
This man is humble.

I married him because he possesses so many qualities I want to pass down to our children. I knew he would teach them, raise them, love them no matter what. Each and every day.

I married him because I could see how many smiles he would bring to my children's faces.

I married my husband for a lot of reasons. But most of all because I knew what an amazing father and husband  he would make. I could see him taking our little ones under his arm and caring for them, and would always be a strong shoulder to lean on when they needed it.

I married him because he's my better half. 
There is no other man I'd rather walk hand in hand with down the roads of life.

We have a beautiful family and bright future ahead of us and I owe it all to my wonderful man.