Pregnant lady fashion.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
I have been getting asked a lot for advice on what to wear during pregnancy/post baby.
Well... I will tell you that I don't really know. I'm not a seasoned expert. I've only done it once.
BUT I can tell you what I did. and I can tell you that I didn't buy a single maternity piece the entire pregnancy.
I think this all depends on how you carry. I didn't get wide sideways at all... so all this is extremely subjective but I think it might be a little helpful too.

Let's start with the basics and then we can spice things up at the end. Here we go.

First of all, I suggest a Belly Be Band.
They are $17 at Target. They allow you to wear your jeans or pre-baby pants throughout your pregnancy and you can wear them under your shirts to hide them away. I was wearing my designer jeans until I was like 8 months and everyone wondered how on earth I did it... well here is my secret.

Second, wear undershirts.

I favor ones from Downeast and I just got a size larger than usual and slipped it over my belly. It added so much support to my growing lady bumps and lumps and allowed me to always feel "tucked in" if ya know what I mean.

Third, wear lots of stretch pants.
I wore A LOT of leggings.  They aren't restrictive like denim and are so comfy. Not to mention they can sit right below your belly and don't need to be zipped or buttoned. These are a heaven send during pregnancy and for the few months after... heck, I am still addicted to them.

Those are the basics, so with that foundation it's time to make it cute.

Any shirt that is longer than normal will work perfectly for you. I wore a lot of similar shapes to this one here minus the belt. Basically anything that doesn't cling to you will be flattering on your momma figure.
I know it is hard to imagine that you will be able to fit into anything resembling fashionable so here is an example. I can't believe I'm sharing this-- here I am in all my huge glory.
I was about to pop at this point but you get the picture.

Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.
Try to wear statement pieces with your outfits because they will make all the difference. They will turn that frump right around and make you look totally put together and glam. Not to mention they will distract from other parts of your body you'd rather not spotlight.

Big earrings. Big necklaces. Scarves. This helped me to remain feeling pretty and girly despite my balloon like figure.

This picture reminded me of the last thing I wanted to share which is wear cardigans. Drapey, comfy, and they make your belly sticking out look a lot less harsh. 

And that is a wrap. If you do all of these I guarantee it will help your style survive through those exciting but brutal [yes I just admitted out loud pregnancy's true nature] 9 months and on through the first few months of motherhood until your body is a little more normal. Even though we all know that things will NEVER be the same in that department.

I hope that helped a little.