Let's have a little chat.

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Here I am again with about a zillion things I have on my mind lately. So I thought today we could sit down & chat a little.
Grab your diet coke and hold on because my mind is all over the place today.

-I'm a little sad that we aren't having a big birthday party for Gracie. But my husband is so right, 1- we just moved and hardly know anyone, 2- she is only 1 and will have no idea 3- it is Christmas and we have so much going on already. However, we are going to have family over for cupcakes and I am doing some no hassle decorations.

My poor Christmas baby is already jipped. I hope she'll forgive me.

First of all a crown is in order. Here it is without embellishments yet.
I keep changing my mind what to put on it so it's still bare. The moda fabric totally makes me happy though. Hopefully inspiration strikes soon.

-I am also making one of these for my daughter. Well she's only 1 so really it's more for me but I just think it will be darling hanging in our house on her birthday. Maybe a birthday banner would be nice too.

I want to make one of these for her too. Darling right?

-Husband and I are on a major diet. I'm mostly doing it to support him.... but the 5 lbs I lost in one week is fine with me too :). However you severely cut out carbs and man, I miss my bread and pasta. Diet coke is my one last comfort.

-I love little peeks of Christmas all over my house. My current favorite is my pink poinsettias in a basket on my counter.

-My husband asked me to write a list of things I want for Christmas because I'm a little all over the place because I want things for me, but need things for my little business. So torn.

-Also, there is a whole new section of my shop called Little Blooms that have fun little things for little girls.
Of course I say that lightly because I may or may not wear these clips myself. 
My shop will continue to grow at my own little snail pace. I have a lot that is waiting to be listed in the upcoming days.

-Tonight I am going to my first bead party and I am really excited. Gracie just loves those little necklaces and I am so excited to put one together for her.

Okay I think that is all, now with all that out there I can focus a little better.