Tips for Holiday Entertaining & a tutorial.

Monday, December 19, 2011
I can not believe that it is the week of Christmas already. I want this week to go by as slow as possible, but with my Christmas baby girl birthday, finishing home made gifts, and a little bit of shopping left to do I know it will fly by.

A lot of us are opening our homes to our out of town family members and friends. Of course it doesn't get better than having a house full of people we love... but then there is the whole entertaining & being the host of so many guests that can be a little daunting. Today I am sharing with you a few ideas to help make the holiday weekend fun & memorable with all those out of towners.

My husband is dying for me to make this cinnamon bun recipe we saw on Pioneer Woman this weekend. 

To go along with those you're going to need to serve some Hot Chocolate for sure. This recipe looks to die for using Nutella.
Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

Nothing better.

Of course take your guests to some special local fun. This farm is literally down the road from our new house. {Have I told you how much I love living in the country?}

And finally add some of these to all your doors to make your guest rooms and house smell delicious. I shared this tutorial over at The Pepper and Her Pups a few weeks ago as part of her Christmas series, but I thought I'd share it here today. These are so easy so you definitely can throw them together before your guests arrive.

Cinnamon Pinecones
Hot glue gun & glue

 Put a dab of hot glue in the center of the bottom of your pinecone. 

Secure your ribbon to the glue. The pinecones tend to have a little point in the center so I just arched my ribbon over it and then added a little bit more hot glue and folded the ribbon back up to the center. This is so it will hang straight.

Cut your ribbon about 14-18 inches. I varied the length of mine to make the bundle. Do those last three steps until you have done this to all your pinecones. I really liked the look of 3 pinecones in a bundle.

To hang on your door make a slip knot the ribbon and then double knot it. I cut the extra ribbon off and secured with hot glue then added a little bow to finish it off. 
That's it! Super simple but just the right finishing touch for your home.

They are just lovely! I have them hanging on door knobs all over my house. When you walk by you get the most delicious dose of cinnamon aroma! So Christmasy! 
If you are having Holiday guests this would be so great to hang on their guest room door knob.
And your guest bath because they are just that darn cute!

And there you have it! So simple but still special.